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What is 2buddy?

2buddy is a multimedia messaging service that allows you to send to friends any emotions with a cartoon characters that pronounce the message you've chosen prerecorded or recorded by youself.

How to start using 2buddy?

Install the application in your social network (VC, FB, OK etc.) or to the mobile device (iPhone/iPad or Android Smartphone/Tablet). You can enter through any of available social networks or create an account by clicking on the "Register" button and completing the fields. At the end of the registration, you will receive a letter to your E-Mail for confirming your registration. Follow the link in the E-Mail to actiate your account. Done!

How to send a message?

Choose a character, choose his clothes, accessories, backgrounds etc. and then select an audio of ready prerecorded messages or record message with the microphone by yourself. Then choose a recipient and the way of sending - through SMS, E-Mail or any of the connected social networks, personal or public post. Then press "Send" button. Done!

How to write a message?

When you select a message from prerecorded messages you will see a tab "Record message". Click on it and record your onw message with the microphone. Also, after recording, you can listen it and record it again. Important to know: During own records, it is prefferable not to record external noises to make clear your final movie.

How to choose a character?

It is easy. All the characters are divided into categories which you see in main menu. Choose the category and then choose a character. Also, you can sort characters by novelty, popularity and deliveries.

How to charge the balance?

Our internal currency is BUD coin. To charge the balance is possible with any credit cards or using the currencies of prefferable social networks. Go down into the application, you'd choose required BUD coins, buy more coins and get extra BUDs for free.

How to contact us?

Go to the "Information" section. There you can ask any question which we'll directly receive. Invite any animation studios or real talanted and creative people in our project.

Thank you for your question. Your opinion is very important for us!
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